Our Walk-In and appointment clinics are:

  • Convenient – Each of our 2 clinics is strategically located – serving a broad portion of the region.
  • Fast – Our experienced doctors will assess and treat you quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy– If additional treatment is required you will be referred immediately.

Physician Unavailability Dates 2014  (all dates are inclusive):

Dr. N. Trang :  July 10 – 25 and Aug. 4 – 8

Dr. H. Daverne: July 2 -14 and Aug. 7 – 11

Dr. A. Cupsa: Aug. 15 – Sept. 2



Please note that Dr. Heather Daverne of our Klondike, Kanata clinic is now leading regularly held PAP CLINICS. These clinics are designed to offer access to proper care for those people without a family doctor. If you are interested in booking a pap, please contact our Kanata clinic at (613)- 254-9777. If Dr. Daverne herself is not available when you book, another female doctor on our staff will be able to help you. When you call, please state that the appointment is for the PAP CLINIC.