We are using a new appointment booking system (MEDEO) for both Klondike and Beaverbrook clinics. Using this new method, you are able to book most appointments online. Some physicians use a booking system that limits appointments to a week’s time frame in advance and those appointment will be open only for that time frame. Please call the clinic to book physicals or for any urgent care issues. PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR CLINIC LOCATION AND CLICK ON “CLICK HERE” TO CONNECT TO THE MEDEO APPOINTMENT BOOKING SYSTEM. DO NOT USE THE “SEND” BUTTON FOR THE KLONDIKE OR BEAVERBROOK CLINICS.

Please use the drop down menu to choose the correct clinic to request an appointment. We will confirm your request within 2 business days. If your issue is an urgent concern, please call the clinic and speak to a receptionist. Please do not come to the clinic until you receive your appointment confirmation.This option is available only to patients registered with a doctor in our clinics. PATIENTS CANNOT USE THIS CONTACT FOR COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR DOCTOR OR ANY OTHER STAFF MEMBERS AND IS STRICTLY ONLY FOR BOOKING APPOINTMENTS. E-mails transmit in an unsecure environment. Therefore, ActiveCare WILL NOT  accept, initiate or forward any e-mails or attachments which contain confidential or patient specific information. Please call the clinic or book an appointment to discuss any issues directly with your doctor. Thank-you